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The De Castle Building

The building was designed and constructed using a team of top local and international architects and builders. Every aspect of the building was taken into account to ensure the five-star standard De Castle Royal offers is maintained throughout. The building is fitted with a state-of-the-art weather shield system to protect it from heat and flooding. A powerful generator is onsite to ensure electricity is supplied at all times, a highly efficient water pump is in operation to remove rain water from potentially vulnerable areas, such as the underground car park, and a high-tech water pumping system delivers water to all floors, all days and nights. We also use the finest technology from Korea called Gang Form, which strengthens the building’s structure and enabled building to take place quicker. During construction, we also used specially-designed supports called SCW, which were developed and internationally approved for use in high-rise buildings to ensure their safety. With thunder storms being common in Cambodia during monsoon season, lightning rods are installed on the roof.

De Castle Royal’s USP is that we provide premium, high quality living in the heart of Phnom Penh at affordable prices. De Castle Royal offers the idyllic modern lifestyle and provides comfortable surroundings and services to enable residents’ lives to run smoothly and efficiently full package of furniture and appliances. We aimed to set the bar for high-end condominium living in Cambodia, and this is what we have achieved, offering everything from laundry, cleaning and security services to green space, community areas, children’s play and fitness and business facilities. The aftercare our customers receive is also an essential part of our business, and we ensure that once they purchase their property from us, they are looked after. There is a professional management centre based onsite, as well as a maintenance team and reception staff equipped with local knowledge. At De Castle Royal, we believe our residents lie at the heart of everything.

De Castle Royal has been designed to take into account eco-friendly aspects of construction to showcase our commitment to the environment. All units have been designed to maximize the use of natural light and breeze to cut down on the amount of electricity used through air-conditioning and lighting with the signature roof top garden. We have also installed a powerful water pumping system to ensure water is not wasted, and the building is fitted with a signature roof top garden shield system to prevent flooding and protect from heat.

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