Security Systems

Security systems

De Castle Royal provides a safe environment with controlled access to its residents. Our professional security staffs stand by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The building is equipped with latest security system and our safety and security features provide the perfect environment for absolute peace of mind.

Security Home Automation

Every apartment in De Castle Royal is fitted with a Sumsung branded screen and speaker system. This is a modern technology which is safe and convenient. It allows residents to identify and communicate with visitors before opening their apartment’s door. You can directly call to the Receptionist Desk, Security Sliding door, and Security Control Room for any enquiry. You also can call to your neighbor apartments for free.

Digital Door lock

An additional digital door lock is attached on every apartment door. This is a latest security system that can prevent any unfaithful attempt to enter the apartment. This door lock is operated with a password, access card or key.

Speed Gate

To ensure a safe environment in the building, we have installed a Security Speed Gate on the Ground Floor to control the access into the premise. Only co-owners, tenants and authorized people who have access cards are allowed to access into the building through this gate.

Sliding Security Doors

Every parking floor is set-up with a Sliding Security Door. No one can access into the elevator halls without the access card provided by Property Management Office.



Communal areas such as car parks from B3 to 3F, elevators, rooftop garden and leisure facilities feature 24 hour security provided by high definition CCTV cameras and being monitored by professional security.

Security Control Room

All security and safety functions are centrally controlled and monitored by our professional staff in a Security Control Room.