Management Company

G Proav Co., Ltd.

Property Management Company designated by the Developer.

A legally registered company within the Kingdom of Cambodia and its mandate is to oversee he overall management and to protect, ensure the quality of service, equipment and environment as well as to supervise Property Managing Agent in order to provide effective, efficient and transparent property management to the highest quality, cost efficiency and best practice at De Castle Royal.

Company History and Vision

In 2015, G-proav of its own unique property control and operating system will be tested and be proved as the best property management system in Cambodia.  In 2016, we will launch our unique and effective G-Proav system successfully to other buildings in Cambodia.  In 2017, G-Proav will on to do in Cambodia into Asian markets on the global asset management industry.

Considered as Cambodia’s property and housing market nowadays, as a market with full potential of the asset management business, we can build rigid system and the brand value which we can expect a significant synergy effect with property management business.

Also, we have own leasing and marketing team who is responsible for conducting the role of current rental in De Castle Royal and they show  steady but good result and step up team work. To strengthen organizational and maintenance work, we should put up a new management systems for leasing and sales that can be expected one of the best in Cambodia.

General Manager

Mr. Justin Kim

Hyundai Development Company, (Citibank & British Embassy Project)
ISS Facility Services (Integrated Property Service Solutions),Country Manager, Seoul , Korea
Sodexo Korea (Integrated Property Service Solutions), Country Manager, Seoul, Korea

Why property management? I have experienced the infinite possibilities of property management business in United States. Property management business is needed all kind of operating elements for company management. I realized that the real property value is coming from invisible asset. Why property management needed? The building is like living organism not simple architecture. If we do not keep care the building, the vitality or value will be decrease or die. The other way, if we keep care with interest and affection, the values will be grown on with its own. For the co-owners, they will have lasting value rise and ensure the high rental revenue. For the tenants, they will have the satisfaction and happiness of high standard living.