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We have a passion for commerce rooted in physical assets and sustained personal relationships and have a commitment to corporate discipline and a long term perspective with a strong sense of service mind.

Real estate development is a vital engine of the global economy. It builds communities, provides infrastructure for commerce and unlocks value in our urban spaces.

As real estate management companies operating in Asian regions, we have a responsibility to the communities we serve.

Sustainability is key to our property management ethos and as such it is an integral part of the day-to-day management of all our properties.


Property Management at De Castle royal

Our mandate is to oversee the overall management and to protect, ensure the quality of service, equipment and environment as well as to provide effective and efficient property management to the highest quality, cost efficiency and best practice at De Castle royal.

We are responsible for day-to-day management duties, including ensuring compliance and enforcement of the internal regulations, carrying out the technical management and all necessary maintenance, work and repairs, preparing the annual budget of expenses and collecting the condominium management fees from the unit owners.

We have experiences and systems in place to handle financial, legal and technical issues and have resources and relationships to ensure that the condominium runs efficiently.


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Mr. Samuth Huy / General Manager